About Us

About Monster Bookery

We carries specially curated children books that captivate both the children and parents’ heart. Say "YAY!" to bold, colourful illustrations, awesome pop-ups, and amazing “finger busy” books that gives more smile and laughter to your family.


My Story

Hi! I’m Peiying, a mother to 3 kids.

When I started out story-time with my firstborn, we simply can’t finish reading more than 2 pages of the book. “He probably doesn’t like books,” I thought. I eventually gave up story time because playtime is much more fun! Fast forward 5 years later, M joined us to make a family of 4. Same enough, reading books to her wasn’t fun at all. Then, I came across some “flip the flap” book and I gave it a try again. Surprisingly, she loves the book! From then on, I started finding more of such interesting books and our collections of books grows.

Soon enough, I faced challenges getting such good books. The local bookstore are filled with children books but all sealed up. I am not able to find the ideal book for us. When I mean ideal book, I’m looking for bold, colourful illustrations, awesome pop-ups, and amazing “finger busy” books. Something that capture their attention and at the same time, helps with literacy, sensory and imaginations. Moreover, being a working parent, researching on such books requires such big effort and time. All I want to spend more time with the kids after working hours. #rantsofworkingparent  

Hence, I start up Monster Bookery. In Monster Bookery, we search high and low to provide such “ideal” books. Books that both the child and parents would love and enjoy. Books that we will read again and again. After all, I’m a millennial too (yes, I can’t stand boring stuff). Not only these nurture the kid’s love for books, it also enhance family bond too!